We’re quite jammy don’t you know!

We are the Lawrence-Lovell family and we love cooking a good meal for friends and family. In 2001 we made a batch of Apple Wine Jelly for a few friends. The recipe proved popular enough that we gradually began to expand the selection in our spare time and we launched our preserves business in the summer of 2013.

We are proud to be based in Gravesend, a historic town in Kent rich in culture and diversity, surrounded by lush rural areas. We have been inspired by our beautiful coutryside to produce outstanding seasonal jams jellies and chutneys using the finest ingredients from local suppliers where possible. But we also love to be different and experiment with unusual flavour combinations to keep you on your toes! Click here to see our current range of flavours.

Kent is the “Garden of England”

We want Kent’s people to make the most of the fruit bushes and trees they already have; whether it grows in a pot on their patio or in an established orchard. We are committed to ensuring there is no waste by neglect; currently we are achieving this by the establishment of our community orchard and engaging with local fruit farmers to reduce their harvest surplus.

Sourcing locally

From our glass jars to our printing, we have tried to use local businesses to reduce food miles and minimise our businesses carbon footprint. Please click here for our local suppliers.

Recycle, recycle, recycle!

As a result of the production of our preserves we have a small amount of food waste that we compost and use in our garden. All glass jars are recyclable.