All For One! Get involved with us!

We aim to reduce waste and increase community involvement.
So far we have achieved this by engaging with local Kent people and using produce from their fruit trees and bushes to help make our delicious preserves. If you have a fruit tree or bush and you do not use all the fruit,
please contact us and we will:

  • Pick the fruit for you
  • Offer you some of the fruit we have picked
  • Clear and remove some of the fallen fruit for you
  • Make your fruit into a delicious jam, jelly or chutney
  • Provide you with a 10% exchange on what we have made; if we make your fruit into a wine, perry or cider before making it into a preserve you can opt for this instead.

As a rough guide a supermarket carrier bag of fruit would be the minimum we would require.
Your own fruit, cooked for you. Yum! What’s not to love?